2019-2020 Lollipops Concerts Program: "The Beethoven Code: The Case of the Missing Baton"

Reservations are Now Open!

The Evansville Philharmonic Orchestra, assisted by the Evansville Philharmonic Guild, is proud to present the Spring 2020 Lollipops Concerts on May 13, 14, 15, 2020. The Lollipop Concerts are 45-minute “informances” presented annually for pre-school and kindergarten children and are specifically designed to address the following educational goals:

  • Introduce basic musical concepts
  • Provide children with personal contact with the musicians of the Evansville Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Provide teachers an outlet to reinforce appropriate listening behavior



May 13, 2020 – 9:00 am and 10:00 am
May 14, 2020 – 9:00 am and 10:00 am
May 15, 2020 – 9:00 am and 10:00 am

All performances will be held at the following location:

Trinity United Methodist Church
216 SE Third St.
Evansville, IN 47713


2019-2020 PROGRAM
"The Beethoven Code: The Case of the Missing Baton"

This year’s concerts revolve around a whodunit theme – THE BEETHOVEN CODE: THE CASE OF THE MISSING BATON. The Maestro’s baton has been stolen just before the big opening night concert featuring Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. The musicians are very upset – they can’t rehearse without their conductor – the conductor can’t conduct without his baton. Your job is to help us answer the clues left by the baton-napper, determine whether foul play is involved, and nab the doer of this dastardly deed before opening night. Veteran detectives and junior investigators alike will be called upon to solve this mystery BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!

The program will feature segments from a number of recognizable pieces and will include demonstrations and featurettes of the different instruments in the orchestra.

For more information contact Brian Onderdonk, Director of Education at (812) 425-5050 ext. 316.


  • See below for reservation form
  • Complete one reservation form per school
  • Include the number of students and adults attending each concert
  • Upon processing your reservation form, confirmation will be sent to your school along with information about the Lollipops Concert preparation materials