2020 Grand Prize Winner “The Swirling of Sound”
By Tait Miller, 5th Grader at J.H. Castle


The Symphony of Color Art Contest, presented in tandem by the Evansville Philharmonic Orchestra and the Koch Family Children’s Museum of Evansville, and in cooperation with the Evansville Museum of Arts, History and Science, invites students in grades PreK-5 to create art inspired by great works of music. The contest is designed to further students’ interest in classical music, challenge their creative abilities and enhance their concept of music as a universal language. Symphony of Color also addresses many important National and Indiana Standards in Arts Education that relate to understanding the relationship between music and the other arts.

Contest winners will receive cash prizes, complimentary tickets to an Evansville Philharmonic Orchestra performance and other gift items provided by the sponsoring organizations. Winning entries will be projected on a screen above the Philharmonic during the March 12th and 13th performances of the 2020 Helen McKinney Young People’s Concerts program “Beethoven at the Bat”, joining the wonderful expressions of visual art and music together in one spectacular performance!


  • Deadline for submitting artwork –February 28
  • Art Exhibition at cMoe –March 4 - 11
  • Winner’s notification – March 11
  • Young People’s Concerts finalist artwork display – March 12 & 13
  • Awards Presentation – March 14


  • BEETHOVEN – Symphony No. 5 in C minor, 4th movement

After listening to the selections, have each student interpret the music into a two dimensional art form and then write a short essay about their interpretation or dictate one to an adult as age appropriate.

NEW RULES THIS YEAR – There is no longer a cap on the number of submissions from each grade per school. Please feel free to submit as many entries per grade (1 - 5) as you see fit to represent your school as entrants in the contest. PreK and Kindergarten entries may be submitted for exhibition only. Only those pictures you select as entrants will be entered into the contest. Non-school (individual) entries are limited to one entry per artist.

ENTRIES: All entries must be original work of an individual student.

MEDIUM: Finished artwork must be no larger than 24’’x 36”. Please spray the artwork with a fixative. No lamination. Artwork must be mounted on white, lightweight, poster board.

Front: No inscriptions on the mounting or artwork
Back: Affix one completed identification form to the back of each entry. Please type or print information clearly. Include the inventory form listing all entries. The identification forms and the inventory form must have the same information. Complete an inventory form for each school for which you are submitting art.

For more information, please contact Brian Onderdonk ([email protected]), Director of Education at (812) 425-5050 ext. 316

2020 Symphony of Art Contest Winners!

View the art work here

Grand Prize Winner – Tait Miller, JH Castle Elementary

1st Grade Winner – Jacob Orth, Farmersville Elementary

2nd Grade Winner – Courtney Traylor, Evansville Day School

3rd Grade Winner – Annabelle Harmon, Rockport Elementary

4th Grade Winner – Zoe Philips, Princeton Community Intermediate School

5th Grade Runner-up – Leah Moll, JH Castle Elementary

Conductor’s Award – Maggie Cramer, JH Castle Elementary

Assistant Conductor’s Award – Madison Smith, Princeton Community Intermediate School

Museum Director’s Award – Camden Clowers, Farmersville Elementary 2nd Grade

Children’s Museum Award – Emma Phelps, JH Castle Elementary