• After you have purchased your ticket for the event, you will receive an email from the Box Office Manager - [email protected] with your LIVESTREAM Ticket Link. Before clicking the link, make sure you have a steady Wi-Fi or internet connection with good reception. You need an internet browser on your computer to view the concert.  If you do not receive the email with the livestream link prior to 6:30 PM Saturday evening of performance or 1:30 PM on Sunday afternoon of performance, call Jeanne Bundy at (812) 425-5050, Ext 300 or email at above Box Office Manager email address.


    • To watch the livestream event, click on the Blue highlighted concert Box Link listed within the email you will receive from the Box Office Manager and a Code to enter on the webpage to ensure your device is compatible. Click the blue box that states WATCH LIVESTREAM HERE – This link will show an access code a couple spaces underneath that says “If prompted, use the following code: __________________”. The code will be a combination of 16 digits made up of numbers and letters.


    • We suggest you click your link immediately upon receiving your email to verify you can enter your Access Code and check the little box that says I agree to the terms of service.


    • After you check the box, simply click on the Blue button beneath that says “START WATCHING” before the day of the concert to confirm your connection is good.  This is the link you will use the day of the concert also and it may already have your Access Code listed, but if not please DO NOT DELETE YOUR EMAIL! The following screen is what you should see once you click on the Blue Box with your Link:


  • If you start to watch the performance on one device (maybe your computer) and then your give a friend the access code you received and they stream from a different device, the initial device's access will no longer be valid. Links may not be shared with other patrons.

See below for some other ways to watch the livestreamed concert.

Different Ways To Watch the Livestream from your Computer/Laptop or Phone/Tablet

If you want to use Mirror and/or Air-Play Connections
  • To use the Mirror or Air-Play connections from a device, you must have Mirroring and Air-Play capabilities on your SMART device/phone/tablet that works with your SMART tv.
  • You need to have an HDMI cable or HDMI adapter to hook your computer and/or device to your SMART tv to view the LIVESTREAM concert.
Below are some other viewing tips if you consider yourself a guru on livestreaming virtual events.


You can also use the following link if you are trying to type in your link in a web browser on your tv:

  • Make sure to type in your 16-digit Access Code (listed above under the WATCH NOW link). If you do not add the 16-digit Access Code now, you will be asked to enter later. Once your Access Code has been entered, you will need to check the box indicating you agree to the Terms of Service (the same photo above is what you should see on your tv screen). Click the START WATCHING button and wait for the livestream to begin. Once you have make it to this screen you should see a screen letting you know the concert isn't live yet, but will be soon. You will want to make sure your link works as soon as you receive your initial email to confirm you have the necessary internet web provider needed to view Livestream events.
  • You may want to check to see if cast options are available on your SMART tv to watch on your television. Otherwise, you can attach an HDMI cable to your computer and SMART tv to watch (see below for more information on how to watch on your SMART tv).
  • Once you click the link above and see a screen that shows the countdown for the time of the concert to begin, you will be ready to watch!

Android TV or Amazon Fire TV/Amazon Fire Stick

Connect your device to the same Wi-Fi network as your Android TV, access the video using your device, if you see a Cast icon on the video, click on it and select the name of your TV. When Cast changes color, you have successfully connected. If you have an iOS device and want to use your Fire TV or Fire Stick, view this link for more information - For more information about hooking your device to a SMART tv, check out an easier way to view using the information below:

The simplest option is to use an HDMI cable from your computer that hooks to your SMART tv, but if you are feeling technical, hook your HDMI adapter to your SMART device. If your phone has a USB-C port, you can plug this adapter into your phone, and then plug an HDMI cable into the adapter to connect to the TV. Your phone will need to support HDMI Alt Mode, which allows mobile devices to output video.

Apple TV

Use the following link to view how to connect your device to your Apple TV or Air-Play 2-compatible smart TV -


If you have a Chromecast app downloaded on your SMART device and also have the Chromecast app on your SMART tv or Firestick, then simply enter the streaming URL into the Chromecast app on your device to connect to your TV. Different SMART tv’s have different ways to use Chromecast, so you may want use the following link to find the best way to view on your own television -


I Can’t Hear the Sound
  • Check your audio settings on your computer/laptop and make sure you are using the audio settings for your television and not the audio for your computer. This should help your sound quality be enabled for the HDMI connection part of your Audio.
  • You may need to update your driver for your sound and/or your computer or laptop. You may also need to update your JAVA script and change your internet browser settings to remove any pop-up blockers from your internet on your computer to watch livestream events.
    Here is a link that will be of great help if you are having trouble with the HDMI cable hook-up or sound issues -

As always, if you have issues finding your email ticket link for the concert and viewing questions, we will do our very best to help you. Support for the livestream concert is available by calling (812) 425-5050 Monday through Friday, 10AM to 5PM and on Friday, December 18th from 10AM until 7PM. After 7PM on the 18th, limited phone support will be available, so please be patient as we will be helping other patrons. You can still call (812) 425-5050 to reach the Box Office for support OR send an email to either [email protected] or
[email protected] with questions regarding your technical issues.

The following browsers are officially supported:

  • Chrome for Android 34+
  • Chrome for Desktop 34+
  • Firefox for Android 41+
  • Firefox for Desktop 42+
  • Edge for Windows 10+
  • Safari for Mac 8+ (beta)
  • Other modern browsers will likely work, but are not guaranteed