Symphony of Color


The Symphony of Color Art Contest, presented in cooperation with the Koch Family Children's Museum of Evansville and the Evansville Museum of Arts, History, and Science, invites students in grades PreK-5 to create visual art inspired by great works of music. The contest is designed to further students' interest in classical music, challenge their creative abilities and enhance their concept of music as a universal language. Symphony of Color also addresses important National and Indiana Standards in Arts Education that relate to understanding the relationship between music and the other arts.


• Monday, February 6th, 2023 - Deadline for submitting artwork online

• February 8th - 10th, 2023 - Judging and posting of artwork online

• Monday, February 13th, 2023 - Winner's Notification

• Saturday, February 25th, 2023 - Awards presentation & artwork display at Classics 4 Spanish Nights Concert


Manuel de Falla - Three Cornered Hat Suite No. 2


While listening to the selections, have each student interpret the music into a two-dimensional visual art form and then write a short essay about their interpretation or dictate one to an adult as age appropriate.

There is no longer a cap on the number of submissions from each grade per school. Please feel free to submit as many entries per grade (1 - 5) as you see fit to represent your school as entrants in the contest. Pre-K and Kindergarten entries may be submitted for exhibition only. Only those pictures you select as entrants will be entered into the contest. Non-school (individual) entries are limited to one entry per artist.

Entries: All entries must be original work of an individual student.

Media: Any two dimensional arts media, including paint, crayon, pencil, marker, pastels, or collage is acceptable. No chalk, please.

Submitting Artwork:All entries are to be submitted as jpeg or pdf files via email to EPO Director of Education and Community Programs, Chaz Ritenour, at

Please identify the artwork in the files you submit in the following format for file names: Last name, First name - Grade #
Ritenour, Chaz - Grade 4

Judging: The finalists’ art will be judged by representatives of the Evansville Philharmonic Orchestra, the Evansville Museum of Arts, History and Science, and the Koch Family Children’s Museum of Evansville.

Prizes: One winner will be chosen from each grade level (1-5). Four of these winners will receive a $50 cash prize. One winner will receive a Grand Prize of $100 cash. In addition to the grade level awards, three special award recipients will be selected - the Conductor's Award, the CMOE Award, and the Museum Director's Award. All winners will receive 2 tickets to the Evansville Philharmonic Orchestra's Spanish Nights Classics Series concert on February 25th, 2023. Winners will be recognized from the stage and artwork will be displayed on the stage projector during intermission.

For more information, please contact the Director of Education, Chaz Ritenour, at 812-425-5050 ext. 316 or via email at

Grand Prize - Senna Chevalier, Farmersville Elementary (5th grade)

cMoe Award  - Arianna Pettit, Yankeetown Elementary (5th grade)

Conductor’s Award  - Mackenzie Godshall, Sharon Elementary (5th grade)

Museum Director’s Award - Ava Bitter, St. Wendel (2nd grade)

1st Grade Winner - Veronica Wooton, St. Benedict

2nd Grade Winner  - Luna Meeks, Sharon Elementary

3rd Grade Winner - Ella Rynard, Sharon Elementary

4th Grade Winner  - Holly Werner, St. Philip

5th Grade Winner and Grand Prize Winner  - Senna Chevalier, Farmersville Elementary