Current Open Positions

JOB TITLE: Finance Manager
REPORTS TO: Executive Director

JOB SUMMARY: The Finance Manager is responsible for the day-to-day financial operations of the organization, including assisting the Executive Director in financial planning, maintenance, and reporting. The Finance Manager is also responsible for monthly financial statements, financial institution relations, maintaining the annual budget with the Executive Director, the administration of payroll and employee benefits.

Resume should be sent to [email protected].


Financial Management

  • Implement sound financial policies and procedures and internal controls for accounting, auditing, budgeting, purchasing, payroll, and administrative services functions. Monitor policies, procedures, and internal controls to ensure accuracy and efficiency.
  • Direct activities relating to the management and control of cash flow, banking relations, and investments.
  • Participate in the Board's development of investment policies and strategies. Serve as primary contact with fund managers and ensure proper accounting for all investment transactions.
  • Manage the Corporation's daily financial activities, including financial record keeping and production of financial statements.
  • Prepare special analyses as required.

Budgeting and Planning

  • Work with the Executive Director and members of the Board of Directors in the development of financial objectives for the Corporation.
  • Collect, assimilate and prepare operating budgets and forecasts for all financial functions; monitor revenues and expenses against approved budget.
  • Monitor and recommend expense control initiatives.
  • Prepare analyses of variances and recommend revision of plan and budget.

Accounting/Record Keeping

  • Manage the timely preparation and maintenance of all accounting records and provide appropriate financial/statistical reports.
  • Maintain the Corporation’s revenue and expense records, produce monthly financial statements, process accounts payable and accounts receivable, process deposits, and maintain annuity records.
  • Manage payroll and tax payment systems; manage the preparation and maintenance of all payroll records and reporting, assuring compliance with all legal requirements and organizational objectives.
  • Prepare and submit federal, state, and local income tax forms, withholding forms, and other forms as required.
  • the monitoring and compliance with the terms and conditions of all planned gifts.
  • Direct the preparation and maintenance of property, equipment, and instrument inventory records and establish depreciation schedules.
  • Ensure compliance with all financial/tax reporting requirements of agencies/foundations.

Audit and Income Tax Reporting

  • Review audit needs of the Corporation; make recommendation as to selection of auditors.
  • Direct preparation for audits.
  • Work with the auditors in preparation of the annual audit report and filing of tax reports. Review and approve all drafts; assure distribution of reports as required.
  • Respond to auditor's findings and recommendations in consultation with Finance Committee, taking action as appropriate.
  • Develop internal audit procedures to ensure that systems are functioning as planned.
  • Ensure that a copy of the most recent IRS form 990 and Schedule A are available for review according to federal law.

Board of Directors

  • Interact with the Treasurer, the Finance Committee and other committees of the Board, and individual Board members as needed.
  • Prepare monthly financial statements and interim reports as requested by Executive Director and/or Board.


  • Direct the execution of all benefits programs, including retirement programs, health insurance, and all other types of institutional insurance, maintaining accurate records and filing all required reports.
  • Maintain employee records (both staff and orchestra) showing date of hire, compensation and benefits, leave records, and other pertinent personnel data.
  • Prepare and file employer reports to government agencies, insurance companies, union, etc.


  • Negotiate vendor contracts as needed; coordinate the administration of all operating leases and contracts, including: computer services, insurance, audit services, building lease, maintenance contracts, and other services. Ensure that artist/performer contracts are not at variance with Corporation objectives, including compliance with tax laws and adequate insurance endorsements.
  • Develop purchasing policies and procedures and direct/monitor their implementation.
  • Perform other financial & accounting duties as assigned by the Executive Director