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Traylor Bros., Inc.
Mrs. Nancy S. Traylor


Saturday, April 27, 2019

Evansville Philharmonic Chorus
Kathryn Mueller, Soprano

Kate Tombaugh, Mezzo-Soprano
Eric Ferring, Tenor
John Truitt, Baritone

L. van Beethoven      Symphony No. 1
L. van Beethoven      Symphony No. 9

Often referred to as “The World’s Greatest Symphony,” Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony changed the face of classical music forever. Hear the evolution from Beethoven’s First to his Ninth symphony, and you’ll understand why the composer is viewed as such a transformative figure between the Classical and Romantic eras of music. The monumental Ninth Symphony is a fitting and triumphant finale to Maestro Savia’s 30th Anniversary Season. The fourth movement can only be described as hair-raising—a symphonic chorale with full chorus and soloists singing the rapturous “Ode to Joy.”