Tickets can be purchased at $20 per ticket in TIERS 2 and 3 on the Orchestra Floor and the Balcony for Classics and Pops concerts only with a maximum of two tickets per concert. There are no discounts given in Tier 1.


Click on the drop down arrow to change the ticket type from ADULT to CLUB 18|39 once you have selected your seat. If there is no CLUB 18|39 option, the seat you have chosen is not included in the discount club.


Scroll to the bottom of the page and change the delivery type to either WILL CALL before clicking NEXT.


Click the NEXT button and you will see a place for you to enter your discount code(s), then click APPLY. The dollar amount of each ticket will still show the regular ticket price with the discount showing that was applied.


Once you are on the page that indicates the seats/tickets in your cart, you are ready to finish your order. Remember, you MUST change the Delivery Method from SHIP to either WILL CALL or EMAIL before applying your discount code and change the Adult Ticket Type to CLUB 18|39 for the discount to be applied.


If you have chosen more than 2 seats for the CLUB 18|39 discount, you will notice the price of your tickets has only discounted you for TWO of the tickets, regardless of how many tickets are in your cart.

Be sure to use the same name on the billing information that you used when signing up for CLUB 18|39 for verification with the Box Office. YOU CANNOT BUY TICKETS FOR FRIENDS AND FAMILY MEMBERS WITH YOUR CODE! If you move or you are no longer at the address/phone number that you were when signing up, please contact Chris Harp at 812-425-5050, #311 to update your information for our records.

All tickets will be held at the WILL CALL area located at the 6th & Main Street entrance of the VICTORY THEATER for PICK-UP with a Valid ID beginning two (2) hours before each concert begins.

Please remember, any Special Event concerts do not qualify for CLUB 18|39 discounted rates.